As there are so many different companies and products out there in the supplement and weight loss industry, how can you make yours stand out? It takes more that just having a quality product to build and maintain a loyal customer base. Offering great customer service and providing weight loss support to your customers can really help your company and product pull ahead of the rest. Keep reading to find out a few ideas on how your company can better support its customers, leading to higher sales.

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Here are just a few ideas of how your company can provide weight loss support for its customers.

  • Be available and show that you care: This idea goes along with having great customer service. Responding quickly and effectively to your customers emails, phone calls, and visits shows that you place them and their needs at a high priority. They will keep coming back if they feel their needs are being listened to and that the company cares about them.
  • Provide motivation: Losing weight and achieving a healthy lifestyle is hard. Providing motivation through words, images, or give away events can really help your customers who are trying to make the change. Become familiar with various behavior change theories and find ways your company can help foster change.
  • Share exercise ideas/tips: Doing a bit of quality research on proper exercise recommendations and sharing it with your customers can go a long way. Check out national websites likes,, and for good information.
  • Share recipes: Providing healthy recipe ideas can mean a lot to customers who are starting a new diet plan. With so many things available on the internet, it is not hard to find a few recipes to share with your customers. Providing information that is practical and easy to use is also important.
  • Social media and newsletters: So you may be wondering how you can get all of these supporting materials to your customers. With today’s instant and constant access to technology, the answer is pretty easy. Social media is huge right now and a well managed Facebook or Twitter page can really increase sales and customer satisfaction. You can also send bi-weekly or monthly newsletters to your customer base. This is a great way to communicate motivation or healthy tips and you can promote your product or sales at the same time. A win-win situation!
  • Get feedback: Another aspect of providing support to your customers is asking for feedback on how you can improve your services and then actually making the suggested changes. Customers love companies that will listen to their needs and concerns. Provide ways for customers to give product reviews or contact you via email or social media. You could even offer incentives such as gift cards or coupons for giving feedback on services.

For more information and ideas about healthy weight loss tips, check out these links from the CDC.

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Keeping It Off

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